August 25, 2009

The God of Balance you shall be

I've had my two lovely gerbils from Lee for about a month now. They're sisters, and their names are Cygnus and By-Tor. People keep misinterpreting Cygnus's name as "Sickness," however, and therefore I've taken to calling her "Cyg."


  1. Hey Archimer, you've got some pretty good sketches going on here. Nice work. I like this gerbil sketch the most. Hey, I noticed that you started following my blog. Hope you're using a wide screen with the window stretched out or it'll look funny if you don't. Anyways, I was just wondering out of curiosity how you found my blog (because I'm pretty much a nobody in the illustration field).

    Anyways, keep up the good work and thanks again for following me.


  2. Unfortunately, I've got an almost-square-ratio monitor (Similarly, my blog must look funny to you as well!) I understand that the layout was made for a widescreen monitor. I'm used to it! ;) I can still see all the content; some of it is just a little chopped.

    I found your blog through the forums on the Amateur Illustrator site. Thanks a lot for following me back!