September 7, 2010

Gonna Burn Some Muscle!

A while back, I was a Firebender. Now, I wanna be a Street Fighter when I grow up!

MEME TIME! Draw yourself as a Street Fighter character! I'll probably re-visit this one, because it's only vaguely Street Fighter-ey. I want to see what you come up with-- Post your responses here! We'll make a party of it! We can draw EPIC BATTLE SCENES! WHAT!


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    Blogspot is weird about posting pictures in the comments D:

    Anywho, that's me, if I were to pay homage to Chun Li as a whor-y Street Fighter. I'll do another one later :D

  3. Hahah, Mel, I LOVES IT! The clothes are Madonna and Chun Li at the same time, yet it's so... Canonical-looking!